Over the past ten years there has been an emergent of second generation Vietnamese Americans born and raised in America. While still proudly connected to their cultural roots, English has become their first and primary language.

The church in faithfully obeying Mark 16:15 that proclaiming the Gospel to everyone is the primary function of the church.  Therefore, our English Ministries is comprised of:

English Worship service, Sunday School, Young Couples, College Career, High/Middle School, and Children’s ministries.

While initially formed in response to our growing second generation children, our ministry is comprised of Americans, African-Americans, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese of all ages.  In 2012 with the approval of the Governing Board, the English Ministries officially has been named as Saving Grace Ministries.

Saving Grace Ministries is an English speaking cross-cultural ministry within the Vietnamese Alliance church for all people within the Lancaster County and surrounding areas.

Our vision for Saving Grace Ministries is for a spiritual community to worship, fellowship, grow, and serve together.

Our ministries cross age & cultural barriers, reaching & transforming people into authentic, passionate followers of Jesus Christ.